About Us

We are a radio control aircraft club 10 minutes north of Mackay in Queensland, home to approximately 50 members. Our members fly a large variety of aircraft types such as powered fixed wing aircraft, sailplanes, helicopters, quadcopters and more.

We fly most days of the week, but you will find that there will be more activity on Saturdays and Sundays. To find us, check out the Google map on our home page.

We have a small kitchen where we do bbq lunches on Sundays and we sell cold soft drinks and snacks. There are toilet facilities available on site and we also have power available in our shed where pilots can charge their batteries.

If you are interested in radio control aircraft, come visit us and we can explain how it all works and how to become a member. You may even get to fly a trainer with one of our instructors. Alternatively contact our club secretary via the Contact Us page.

In the sections below you will find a bit more about what we do and fly at our club.

Scale Aircraft

Radio control aeroplanes are miniture versions of real areoplanes. In some cases models may not represent real aircraft at all such as trainers and extreme sport models. Models vary in sizes from as small as 200mm up to 6 meter. They behave like the real thing and need a lot of practice in order to fly them well.

Sport Aircraft

Sport or non scale aircraft does not represent a real aircraft but may or may not be designed for a specific purpose. Trainers, pylon racers, old timers, fun-fly and precision aerobatics are only a few examples of non scale aircraft types.


Helicopters or rotary wing aircraft are also popular at our club. Instead of wings they have thin blades which spin around in a circle or disk to create lift.

Radio control helicopters are extremely manoeuvrable and can fly upside down with ease. They can even do gravity defying stunts (3D)

Gliders and Sailplanes

These are aircraft without engines. Pilots get their models airborne by asking tow pilots to tow them up or by using a bungee or high start system. Pilots then need to look for thermals or slope lift to stay in the air as long as they can. A single flight can be as short as 1 minute or can go on for hours.

Night Flying

Some planes and helicopters have lights built in to illuminate them at night which allows RC pilots to fly them when it is dark.

They come in all shapes and sizes and are mostly electric to keep the noise levels down.

Slope soaring

Slope soaring is an amazing form of gliding. Airplanes stay aloft by using the updraft caused by wind blowing up a slope or hill. Pilots can stay airborne for hours.

Indoor flying

Small light weight planes and helicopter are flown indoors, usually a school hall or something bigger. The planes are shielded from weather and provides lots of fun for all involved.


Combat is where streamers are attached to cheap aircraft. The goal is to chase and cut another plane's streamer while he/she is trying to out fly you (or vice versa).


FPV stands for First Person View. The aircraft contains a camera on-board and transmits a live video feed to a small TV screen (or goggles). Pilots wear goggles and fly the aircraft as if they were in the cockpit.